Attending Memberships – This is our primary membership. It is for anyone who plans to attend the convention. It includes admission to all of the regular events, exhibits and activities during the convention. Our attending membership grants access to every day of the convention; we do not sell single day memberships.

Supporting Memberships – These are for people who will not be attending Westercon 70 but would like to stay informed about our progress and receive our convention publications. Supporting Memberships grant entitlement to vote in the site selection process. Once site selection has been made, Supporting Memberships can be upgraded to Attending Memberships by paying the difference in membership fees at the time of upgrade either here on our website, or at the door.


Attending Adult

Attending Active Military

Attending Teen (Ages 13-17)

Attending Child  (Ages 7-12)

Attending Kid-In-Tow (Ages 0-7)

Supporting Adult

Please note that age cut-offs will be as of July 1st, 2017.  To receive the military discount, you must be in active service. 


We have a built-in shopping cart system for your use. Once you have decided at least one kind of membership you wish you purchase, please click its corresponding ‘add to cart’ button. Our shopping cart will then populate towards the bottom of this page. You can keep clicking ‘add to cart’ for each kind of membership you need. The shopping cart can be edited by removing memberships with the red trash can button, and by changing quantities in the input fields and pressing ‘enter’. Please do NOT manually refresh this page as it may accidentally add more quantities to your cart than you wanted.

Once you are ready to check out, please hit the ‘Checkout With PayPal’ button to be transferred to a remote, secure PayPal page to complete your purchase. Please note that you do NOT have to be a PayPal member in order to check out. If you are a PayPal member, please sign in to finalize your purchase. If you are not a member, please choose the option for ‘Pay with online bank account or debit or credit card’ on the PayPal page.

If you are old school and prefer to pay for your memberships via snail mail and a check, then please scroll to the very bottom of this page. There will be a form to download and fill out that will be needed to send in with your payment.

The prices below will be viable until the last day of 2016.  The prices shall then slightly increase at the beginning of the new year.  Save money by getting your memberships now!  Memberships also make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you at con!

Didn't Vote, Didn't Pre-Support At Westercon 68

If you did not attend Westercon 68 or if you attended and did not vote or did not sign up to pre-support Westercon 70, then this option is for you.

Did Pre-Support, Didn't Vote At Westercon 68

Did Vote, Didn't Pre-Support At Westercon 68

Not Attending, Wanting To Support

Shopping Cart And Checkout

Purchase Memberships Via Check

If you would prefer to purchase your membership(s) via check, please print out both the front and back page of the form below.  Fill them out to the best of your means, then mail the front page and the check with the total amount to the following address:

Westercon 70 – ConAlope
c/o Leprecon Inc.
P.O. Box 26665
Tempe, AZ  85285-6665  USA

Westercon 70 Memberships Form – Front Page

Westercon 70 Memberships Form – Back Page